Minor in Business Administration

To complete the requirements for a minor in Business Administration, students need to complete 22 credits as specified below (a grade of C or better must be earned in each course):


  • BUAD 1060 (Business Analytical Tools)* 1 credit
  • BUAD 2100 (Accounting and Finance Fundamentals) 3 credits
  • ECON 1001 (Intro to Economics) 3 credits 
  • Statistics see A below 3 credits
  • INSY 3001 (Information Technology) 3 credits
  • MANA 3001 (Organizational Behavior) 3 credits
  • MARK 3001 (Introduction to Marketing) 3 credits
  • OSCM 3001 (Operations and Supply Chain Management) 3 credits

All courses for the Business Administration minor must be taken at Marquette; the Assistant Dean of the College of Business Administration must approve any transfer of credits.

* BIEN 1100, GEEN 1130, CEEN 1200, GEEN 1200 can be substituted, BUAD 1060 must be taken before FINA 3001 and OSCM 3001.
A  One of: MATH 1700, MATH 4710, MATH 4720, MATH 4740, PSYC 2001, SOCI 2060, BUAD 1560, MEEN 3426.

Important notes:

  • Only one course may transfer in for the business minor
  • A "C" or better must be earned in each course above with the exception of BUAD 1060 (in which students must earn a passing grade of S)
  • Business minors can be earned by students who are not enrolled in the college of business administration as a major. 
  • If you have an associate degree or have taken some college courses but not earned a degree, we can help you complete your degree with our online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program

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