Faculty Emailing Students From CheckMarq

Instructors may use the following steps to email the students in their classes directly through CheckMarq.  

  1. Log in to CheckMarq.
  2. Click or tap the Faculty Center link.

  3. Verify you are taken to the correct term listing of your classes.  If needed, use the Change Term button to select the correct term.

  4. Select the class roster icon next to your class listing to view the roster of students.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the list of students on the class roster.  Click or tap the Notify All Students button to initiate an email to all students on the roster.

  6. An email dialog box will appear with your email address in the From/To sections and student email addresses in the BCC section.

    Important Notes:
    a.  Leave your email address in the To section so that you receive a copy of the message.  The email is not otherwise tied to your Outlook account, so the message will not appear in your sent mail folder in Outlook.  

    b.  Leave the student email addresses in the BCC section to ensure confidentiality of student information.

You may edit the Subject, and then enter your message in the Message Text section.  Once the message is finished, check the Send Notification button to deliver the message to your students.