Faculty/Adviser Guide to Academic Advisement

Academic advisement is a degree-audit tool that is fully integrated with the CheckMarq student system and available to all students who entered in fall 2005 or later. CheckMarq’s Academic Advisement module allows you to view your advisees and generate degree audit reports for individual students. After you log in to CheckMarq, click or tap Advisor Center.

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View All Advisees

To view your advisees, click or tap the My Advisees tab. The advisees appear in alphabetical order. Click or tap an advisee’s name to directly email that student. To e-mail a group of advisees, check the “notify” box next to each student you wish to contact, followed by the Notify Selected Advisees button. To contact all your advisees, click or tap the Notify All Advisees box. The Send Notification page appears, which allows you to create and send an e-mail message to the selected students. To view many of the same screens that an advisee sees in CheckMarq, click or tap View Student Details next to the advisee’s name.

View Academic Advisement Report

On the Student Center page, select Academic Requirement in the drop-down box and click or tap the double arrow. The My Academic Requirements online report appears.

  • The date and time that changes were last made to the student record 
  • Collapse all and expand all. By default, the audit collapses all requirements that are satisfied and expands all requirements that are not satisfied. Use these buttons to manually display or hide all detail for all requirements (Graduation Requirements, MCC, etc.).
  • View degree progress report and view graduation checklist. Use these buttons to view/print the advisement reports in a PDF format.
  • When detail is expanded, these symbols indicate the status of each course listed.
  • The dark blue bars are levels of requirements the student must fulfill.
    • Graduation Requirements - the number of overall, upper division and senior residency credits needed to graduate. 
    • Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC) - courses required for the University core, specific to the college.
    • College Curriculum … - additional college curriculum courses required.
    • General Electives - courses not being used by specific requirements that can be applied to the overall credit requirement.
    • GPA - courses being used to calculate college and/or major/minor GPA.
    • Majors/Minors - courses that satisfy the requirements of the majors or minors. 

View and Print Degree Audit Reports

You can view and print an advisement report in two PDF formats. The Degree Progress Report includes the following sections:

  • Graduation Requirements - Verifies completion status of GPA, degree credit, upper division and senior residency requirements. 
  • Summary of MCC, College curriculum and Majors/Minors requirements indicating a status of Satisfied or Not Satisfied. College-approved exceptions to requirements are identified.
  • Course History - Chronological listing of courses taken, Repeat or Honors Credit codes, and mid-term grades for the term in progress.
  • Requirements – Not Satisfied - Specifically targets all requirements that need to be completed. College-approved exceptions to requirements are identified.

The Graduation Checklist includes all the above sections except for the Requirements – Not Satisfied section.

Tracking degree progress with Academic Advisement

  • View courses that an advisee has in their planner.
  • View courses that an advisee has in their “shopping cart” in preparation for registration.
  • Review an advisee's academic progress toward graduation using the same reports as the students.
  • Use a single source document that incorporates the applicable university, college and major/minor requirements specific to an advisee’s degree plan.

What-if Scenarios

Students can create “What-if” scenarios related to their majors, minors or courses. Students can view these scenarios on the on-line report, not as PDFs. When a student creates a What-if scenario, it does not officially change the student’s program, plan or enrolled course information.

View the Student Planner

Students can also plan course selections and view these on the online report. If a student has identified any courses for future enrollment, you can view these on the Student’s Planner. In the planner, courses can be listed as Unassigned or listed for a term, if the student indicates a future term in which they may take the courses.

Select the Student Center tab. Click or tap My Planner. 

The planner appears and courses will list if the student has added them to their planner. 

  • To see a detailed course description and scheduled sections, click or tap the Course Description link.
  • If a course has a prerequisite, click or tap yes to see the detailed description of the prerequisite. 
  • To see more information about the requirement as it relates to this course, click or tap the "i" icon.