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25Live is an application used to search for space availability at Marquette University.  It is a tool used to request spaces and schedule events.  In addition, faculty may request room changes for ADA issues, class size and pedagogical reasons.  25Live provides information on space availability and room attributes and features of assignable spaces.   

  • Google Chrome and/or Firefox Mozilla should be used for this program to work effectively, as 25Live is least compatible with Internet Explorer.
  • It is important to note access is not required to view space availability and room attributes/features.
  • This is a good first step if you're planning an event and know where you want to be, but don't have specific dates in mind.

Customize the dashboard

Customize the location of specific parts of your dashboard.

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Navigate to 25Live and sign in.

On the 25Live landing page, click or tap Sign In in the top right.

Login using your Marquette University Credentials.

Note:  if you are having difficulty logging in to your 25Live account, send a message through the feedback email and you will be contacted.

Click or tap Customize Dashboard

On the Home screen, directly under the Dashboard tab on the right side of your screen, click or tap Customize Dashboard.

Hide or unhide sections, or change the layout of the sections here.

The gray area of the screen shows your default hidden sections.

Select and drag sections from this part onto your dashboard to unhide them.

Select and drag sections from your dashboard to the gray area to hide them from view.

Change the location of your unhidden sections, click or tap the heading for the sections you wish to move and drag it to a new position.  

Reset Settings or Finish.

Reset your sections to their default locations, click or tap the Reset Dashboard button in the top right corner of the Dashboard tab.

Click or tap the Done button in the top right corner of the Dashboard tab once all changes have been made.

Create an event

Create an event in 25Live.

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Navigate to 25Live and sign in.

On the 25Live landing page, click or tap Sign In in the top right.

Login using your Marquette University Credentials.

Note:  if you are having difficulty logging in to your 25Live account, send a message through the feedback email and you will be contacted.

Click or tap the Event Wizard tab.

Enter basic event information.

Fields with a red asterisk require input before moving on.  The red asterisk will become a green checkmark once information has been entered.

Begin by titling your event.

Select the event type using the drop down menu.

Select a primary organization.  There will be an option to add any additional organizations that may be involved in the next field, but it is not required.

To search for an organization, type the name before any suggestions come up.  

Use the Browse function to search by number or letter in the title of the organization, or type (academic, non-academic, or college).  

Once the Basic Information Form has been completed and all required fields have a green checkmark, click or tap the blue Next button on the bottom right side of the page.

Enter Additional Basic Event Information.

Enter your expected attendance.  This will be used to pull up available rooms based on capacity.

Enter an event description, optional.

Once the Additional Basic Event Information form has been completed and the required field has a green checkmark, click or tap the Next button.

Choose Event Pattern.

Answer the questions regarding whether the event is occurring once or more than once.

Choosing No will let you set up a single day and time for your event.

Choosing Yes will let you set up additional dates and times for your event if it repeats regularly or irregularly.

Making a selection will bring you to the next page.

Set up your meeting date and time.  Repeating event:  choose the first meeting date on this page.  This step will narrow down the rooms  available further by date and time.  The checkbox asking about the first occurrence under the dates will change depending on whether your event will repeat or not.  There is a drop-down selection for times on every half hour, but the text can be edited by clicking or tapping inside the box, creating events that can have more precise times.

Click or tap the blue Next button on the bottom right side of the page once you've chosen a date and time for your event.

Non-Repeating Events

Next step:  choose a room.

Repeating Events

Choose how the event will repeat.

Click or tap Next.

Customize the days of the week, month, etc. in which your events will occur and when the last meeting will be.  Under Occurrence List you will see the first date  you chose, as you update the information, more dates will be added.

You can cancel an iteration of your event that would normally be scheduled by changing the Status from Active to Cancelled on the date you wish to cancel.

Click or tap Next once you've chosen the other dates for your event.

Choose a room

On the next page, you will be able to search for available rooms based on the information you input on previous pages (expected attendance and date/time).  For an accurate search, do NOT uncheck the two default checked boxes.

There are several methods to search for a room, but the easiest way is to use the Search by Location Name function.  Search by the name of a building or its abbreviation, hover over an option to bring up additional information, including room features.  Rooms that have a green checkmark are available for all meeting times and dates.

Selecting a room will bring it up on the right side of your screen.  A room MUST be in this portion of the screen to be reserved.  Ensure that only one room is in the location before continuing.  Remove rooms using the red x in the corner.  

Click or tap Next once you've chosen a room for your event and it is the only room on the right side of the screen.

Select Contact.

On this page, choose a Scheduler and a Requestor, who will both be notified by email of event changes and confirmations.  These roles can be one person or two different people.

Click or tap Next once you've assigned contact roles.

Add Comments or Confirmation Notes

On this page, you are able to add Comments, which the individual approving the request would see, or Confirmation Notes, which would appear on your Confirmation Page after you've finished creating your event.

Click or tap Next when complete.

Verify/Change Event State

You are unable to edit the Event State.  Your event will remain Tentative until your event is reviewed and approved.

Click or tap the blue Save button in the middle of the screen.

Event Confirmation & Searching For your Event

Once your event is saved, you will be taken to a confirmation page that will have a green banner.

The confirmation page has several helpful options:

What's Next
View Details:  view Event Details of the submitted request.
Edit:  edit the Event Details of the request.
Copy:  create a duplicate of the event to make it easier when requesting separate but similar events.  You will be able to edit every field again for the new event, but the information entered for the previous event will auto-populate.
Email:  email details of this request to its stakeholders or anyone else.

More Events Options
Print Confirmation:  print the Reference ID and a summary of the request.
Create a To Do:  send this request to a To Do to contact in 25Live.  For example, if you have instructions for Facilities then you can send them a To Do.  View all To Dos in your Task Tab.
Manage Relationships:  link this event with other related events.  For instance, link a study group with associated class.
Manage Bindings:  link this event with other related events that occur at the same locations.  These may be used for cross-listed courses.
Take Ownership of this Even:  own this reservation so you will be listed as the primary contact for this event.
Add to Starred:  add this event to your favorites.  We highly recommend requesters to star submitted reservations so events can be easily retrieved and monitored.

On the left is a confirmation of the details of the event.  At the bottom of the details, next to Tentative is an ID number that can be copied and pasted to search for your event later in the Search for Events tab.

The Scheduler and Requestor will receive confirmation emails with the event's information and a link back to the event's details.  You can check back at this link at any time to see the status of your event.

Search for events using the Search for Events or Pre-Defined Events Searches tabs.  These search options are always under the Events tab and can be accessed at any time.

The Search for Events option is the easiest way to search for your event.  You can search by name or reference number (as mentioned earlier in this step).  It's not necessary to type the full name - keywords will bring it up too.

Edit Confirmed Events

Edit a confirmed class or event in 25Live.

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Navigate to 25Live and sign in.

On the 25Live landing page, click or tap Sign In in the top right.

Login using your Marquette University Credentials.

Note:  if you are having difficulty logging in to your 25Live account, send a message through the feedback email and you will be contacted.

Click or tap the Events tab.

Search for the Class or Event You Wish to Move.

You will NOT be able to edit confirmed events from 25Live, but you can request a change using the following steps.

Search for the class/event you wish to move.  There are two options to find your class/event.  The Pre-Defined Event function will give you categories of classes/events to choose from.  The Search for Events function will give you exact matches to a search you input.  You can search here by class/event titles, reference numbers or class subject codes or course number.

Searching will pull up a list or calendar based on the current date.  It will usually be easier to pull up a list unless your search is very specific.

Access the event details page by clicking or tapping on the event.  Under the Move Actions tab on the upper right corner of the class click or tap Email Event Details.

In the pop-up, under Additional Recipients, in the TO field type kathy.traynor@marquette.edu.  In the message body, type out your change request and the reason for the move.  Check the box next to Include event details in the body of message.  Click or tap Send.

You will be contacted if any further information is needed. 

Upon completion of the change you will receive a confirmation email.

25Live Tips

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Use the whole screen.

In 25Live, the most important information will usually be in the middle of the screen, but pay attention to things on the periphery.

When scheduling an event, you'll notice three distinct sections:  
On the left you see the information you've already added and a progress bar.
The middle section has the information you're currently working on.
the right section has directions and helpful information about what you're currently working on.

Use the Help Function

On every page, there is a Help button that will guide you to the appropriate location in the main 25Live help guide.  For the main guide, click or tap the ? Help button in the top right corner of your screen.

To access the specialized guide while in a specific part of 25Live, click or tap the ? button in the top right of the tab.

Star Events on Locations

After searching events or locations, keep an e out for an option to add it to your starred lists.  This option is often under an Actions or More Actions drop down menu in the right corner of your most current tab.

Adding a location or event to your Starred Locations or Starred Events will make it much easier to search for and find later.  Using the Customized Dashboard  function on the main page, you can drag sections onto your dashboard that show your Starred Locations or Starred Events right away when you log in.  You can search through a list of your starred events or locations if you use the Pre-Defined search function.

Add Events or Classes to Outlook

Navigate to the details tab for the event or class you wish to add.

Click or tap the Move Actions drop down menu.  Select the Email Events Details option.

The email event details box will pop open.  If you are the Requestor or Scheduler for the specific event, your name will pop up under the Related Recipients section.  If not, enter you email address net to To under the Additional Recipients section.

Check the box next to iCal File in the attach section.

Add notes in the message body or check the box underneath to send event details if desired.

Click or tap Send.

Navigate to Outlook and open the new email.

Double click the attachment titled events-ics.  You will receive a pop-up, click the Yes button.

Your Outlook Calendar will automatically open and on the left, under the Other Calendars section, the event will be called Untitled.  You can change the title by right clicking and selecting Rename Calendar.  You can hide the event by unchecking the box  to the left of the event.  You can customize the event by navigating to when it occurs and double clicking it.  If the event is repeating, you will have an option to open a single event or edit the entire series.  You can delete the calendar by right clicking and selecting Delete Calendar.