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SOC Builder: Guide to Course Type, Number, Component and
Instruction Mode


Course type Number X= Component Instruction mode Notes for instruction mode
Special Topics x930 1-8 TOP C1 LEC=C1; DISC=C1; LAB=LB; QUIZ=C1
Topics In x931 1-8 TIN C1 If any course is taught online and with some face-to-face classroom time=BL, C2 or D2
Advanced Topics In x932 1-8 TIN C1 If any course is taught only online=D1
MU Credit: Attending another Domestic Institution per Formalized Agreement x933-x950 1-8 SDE SA If any course is taught off campus=SA
MU Credit: Study Abroad with Marquette Faculty x-951 1-8 SIM SA If any course is taught off campus=SA
Colloquiums x952 1-8 CLQ C1  
Seminar/Reading x953-x960 1-8 SEM C1  
Workshop/Institutes/Studio Courses x961-x963 1-8 STU (art or music)/WRK (in title or course description) C1  
Practicum/Clinicals/Field Work/Stu Teaching x964-x985 1-8 CLN (medical)/PRC (all others) FL  
Internship/Externship x986 2-8 INT FL  
Cooperative Education x987-x994 1-8 COP FL  
Independent Study/Research x995 4-8 IND IS  
Senior Experience 4996 NA EXP C1  
Senior Capstone 4997 NA CAP C1  
Senior Project 4998 NA PRO C1  
Senior Thesis 4999 NA  SEN C1  
Grad/Prof/Doctoral Capstone x997 6-8 CAP C1  
Grad/Prof/Doctoral Project x998 6-8 PRO IS  
Grad/Prof/Doctoral Thesis or Dissertation x999 6-8 THE IS  
Placeholder 9997; 9998; 9999 NA PLC IS  
Choir, Orchestra, Band

MUSI 1100; 1120; 1140; 1160; 1200;
1220; 1300

  ENS C1  



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