Student Organizations

As a business professional, you are going to meet many different people in your career. A colleague, a member of a professional organization or social media group or even the person next to you on the plane may one day help you in your career. It’s called networking. An important way for students in a business school to gain networking experience is to be a member of a student organization. These organizations promote professional, career and social interests of the students and related majors.

Commercial Banking Club

The goal and purpose of this club is to explore and discover the vast opportunities in the Commercial Banking industry. The club builds and empowers a network of students in hopes to promote the Commercial Banking track of academic studies. Throughout the year, the club hosts several learning and networking events with professional bankers in the area to promote and encourage leadership in this industry. The club puts an emphasis on educating its members on the various jobs, skills required, duties, career paths and nature of the industry as well as assist in internship placements. Instagram: @marquette_commercialbanking

Financial Management Association (FMA)

The Financial Management Association (FMA) brings in speakers and professionals to discuss the topics of the day and to showcase ethically oriented decision-makers in the overall finance industry. The FMA also assists the Department of Finance’s The Ins and Outs of Wall Street, a full day seminar that helps students prepare for the Wall Street type interviews in the highly competitive world of finance.

Marquette Investment Club

Marquette University Student Investment Club seeks to further its members' knowledge of investment methods and strategies specializing in ETF (Exchange Traded Fund).  The board and members engage in intellectual discussion, presentations, guest speakers, and applied portfolio management.  Investment Club manages a portfolio with an estimated net worth of $25,000.00 made up of about 20 ETF positions targeting different sectors of markets.

Real Estate Club of Marquette (RECM)

The Real Estate Club of Marquette (RECM) is a very active student group that brings in external speakers on a nearly weekly basis throughout the academic year to allow members and others hear about current trends in commercial real estate and network with industry professionals. In addition, the club organizes site visits to various regional properties and locations and sets up shadowing programs with professionals in the commercial real estate industry in the area.

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