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Considerations for Fall 2024 planning

Typical Four Year Plans 

Students are expected to make progress in both business and non-business courses each semester. It is not in a student’s best interest to take only non-business or business courses in one part of their career at Marquette.

Use this time to also explore majors and business student organizations

Planning By Your Year at Marquette

  • First year students
  • Second year students
  • Third year students
  • Fourth year students
  • Transfer students

First Year Students Registering for Sophomore Fall: Register for 16-17 credits

Second Year Students Registering for Junior Fall: Register for 15-17 credits

Third Year Students Registering for Senior Fall:Total Credits may vary due courses that dual apply, 15-17 can be typical

Fourth Year Students that may have additional course needs: 

  • What is remaining on your graduation checklist? 
  • Tasks:
    • Final personal checklist audit for outstanding courses in final semesters, GPA, and Credits. Reach out to the Dean's Office with any questions. 
    • Review courses that dual apply—will additional courses be needed to meet graduation credit requirements? Can you reduce your overall credits due to dual applying business courses in your Discovery Tier Theme and business core or major requirements? Reduction of Credits Request form if needed
    • Review Electives (Non-Business) Open Elective form if needed for one business course outside of declared major(s), internship for credit course, study abroad course (Fall 2019 and later)

Transfer Students:

  • Pay attention to prerequisites and the sequencing of business course needs (i.e. FINA 3001 and the prerequisites of BUAD 1560, ECON 1103, and ACCO 1031 may be concurrent).
  • Start planning out Business Core Courses, Major Courses and Upper Division Business Electives.
  • Next, focus on what non-business requirements are needed and when it makes sense to enroll.
  • Any remaining MCC requirements? CORE 4929 should be taken in the final fall or spring semester.


Business Major Contacts

ACCO Accounting Major Requirements / Major Liaison: Dr. Kevin Rich

AIM Accelerating Ingenuity in Markets (note: Secondary Major) / Major Liaison: Dr. Joseph Wall

Business Analytics Major Requirements (note: Secondary Major) / Major Liaison: Dr. Badar Al Lawati

Business Economics Major Requirements / Major Liaison: Dr. Andrew Meyer

Finance Major Requirements / Major Liaison: Dr. Bin Wang

Human Resources Major Requirements / Major Liaison: Dr. Jennica Webster

Information Systems Major Requirements / Major Liaison: Dr. Terence Ow

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Major Requirements / Major Liaison: Mr. John Peterson

International Business Major Requirements (note: Secondary Major) / Major Liaison: Ms. Meghann Polivka

Marketing Major Requirements / Major Liaison: Dr. Brian Spaid

Operations & Supply Chain Management Major Requirements / Major Liaison: Ms. Kelly Wesolowski

Real Estate Major Requirements / Major Liaison: Mr. Andrew Hunt