Marquette Credit by Exam

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 Complete the Marquette Credit by Exam Request form and submit to college office.

College Office

Vet the request to determine if the student is qualified to take the Marquette Credit by Exam (MCBE), as per policy and degree requirements:

  • Degree-seeking.
  • Enrolled in at least one class for the term.
  • Request submitted before the end of the 2nd semester after admit term (excluding summer).  Admitted fall, request must be submitted by the end of the spring term.  Admitted spring, request must be submitted by the end of the fall term.  Admitted summer, request must be submitted by the end of the spring term.
  • Never taken this specific MCBE before.
  • Never enrolled in the class for which the request is made.  This includes earned Marquette credit, earned transfer or test credit, audited, withdrawn, or earned a failing grade.
  • Never taken a class that is more advanced than the subject matter of the request, either at Marquette or another institution.  If the course is not offered in the student's home college, the college of the course determines this requirement.
  • Allowable under degree requirement policies.

If student is not qualified or MCBE is denied by the college of the course

  • Home college or the student denies the request, adds rationale and signs form.
  • Home college informs student.
  • Home college scans form the Office of the Registrar (OTR) via ImageNow.
  • OTR sends to complete.

If student is qualified and MCBE is approved by the college of the course

  •  Home college of the student coordinates with the college offering the course, or the faculty within the home college to create the exam.
  • Home college signs the form as approved.
  • Home college returns the form to the student.


  •  Takes the form to the college of the course.
  • Pays the non-refundable fee to the college of the course.

After payment, college/school of the course creates and administers the test

  • The test heading is to include the title of MCBE, the course subject code, course number and credits.  Example:  Marquette Credit by Exam:  HIST 1001, 3 credits.

Faculty of the course

  • Places the grade of A-F at the top of the 1st page of the test, i.e., faculty do not indicate if student passed or failed.
  • Signs the test, regardless of the outcome.
  • Submits the test to the college, regardless of the outcome.

College of the Course

  • Scans the form and test to OTR via ImageNow.
  • Notifies the home college of the student, if applicable.
  • Notifies the student of the grade earned.
  • Submits Cash Receipt Voucher to the Office of the Bursar with fee.

OTR will

  • Add the course to the student's record.
  • Grade the student, as per policy:  C or better=TC, less than a C=NC
  • Send the form to complete

Approved September 23, 2015.