Reserve Officer Training Corps is a group of university based officer training programs for training commissioned officer of the Armed Forces.  Through a partnership with other colleges and universities in the area, students interested in ROTC can enroll in elective coursework at Marquette.

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Application process

  • Interested students contact their ROTC program of choice before completing the ROTC Cross Town Application.  Applications are processed electronically via DocuSign..
  • The ROTC Department will indicate if the student is an Approved Regular, or an Approved Auditor on the form.
    • Approved Regular:  non-degree students taking ROTC courses at Marquette and not receiving credit for the same course at their home institution.
    • Approved Auditor:  non-degree students taking ROTC courses at Marquette and receiving credit for the same course at their home institution.
  • Cross Town ROTC students are admitted to the university as non-degree College of Arts and Sciences students because the ROTC departments belong to the College of Arts and Sciences; however administratively, they will be handled by the ROTC department and the OTR. 
  • OTR places the student in the appropriate ROTC Student Group (Air Force, Army, Navy), and in the Cross Town ROTC Student Group. 

    • Placement in the Cross Town ROTC Student Group ensures that the student does not receive a tuition charge for enrolling in ROTC courses.  
  • Once the student has been admitted, a Username and Password will be emailed to the email address provided by the student on the Cross Town ROTC Application. 
    • Students can also call the IT Services TechSquad at (414) 288-7799 to obtain their username and password.
    • All official Marquette correspondence is sent to student via their email account.  
    • Student use their Marquette credentials to access CheckMarq and register for the appropriate ROTC courses.
    • Students can receive an MUID card after enrolling in courses.  There is no charge for the MUID card and it can be used to access the library, recreation complex, etc.

Enrollment in courses

Students obtain course information from the appropriate ROTC Department and must enroll via CheckMarq before the deadline to add, swap or drop courses.  

    • Students enroll in the appropriate ROTC courses only
    • Students admitted as auditors will be directed to enroll in Audit Only sections of courses.
    • Holds that restrict enrollment must be cleared by the student prior to enrollment.
    • After the add, drop or swap deadline any non ROTC courses will be dropped.

Modification of Enrollment or Complete Withdrawal

Enrollment modifications, i.e., adding courses, swapping courses, withdrawal and complete withdrawals are processed via DocuSign.  

    • To request access to use the Cross Town ROTC Modification of Enrollment or Complete Withdrawal template in DocuSign, click here
    • Once granted access to the template: 
      • Log into DocuSign at this link
      • Clink the Log In link top right.
      • Enter your Marquette email address, click next.
      • Click the blue Use Company Login box.
      • At the top find and click templates.
      • The page will open to templates that have been shared with you.
      • Click the use box to the far right of Cross Town ROTC
      • Click blue send box bottom right.
      • The Do you want to sign this document pop up will appear.  Click Sign Now.
      • The form will open, click the box indicating that you agree to use electronic records…

Academic Censure

The University's Academic Probation and Dismissal (Academic Censure) policy applies to all non-degree students, including Cross Town ROTC students.


Direct any questions about Cross Town ROTC procedures to