Final Examination Cancellation Due to University Closing For Inclement Weather Policy

This policy was approved by the University Academic Senate on August 30, 2010.

When the University is closed due to inclement weather, faculty have the following options for administering final examinations:

  • hold the final examination in a mode that does not require students to be on campus(e.g., online).
  • cancel the final examination and calculate grades for the class based on the coursework students have completed up to the cancellation.

Faculty must include in his/her syllabus the option chosen for final examination cancellation due to inclement weather.

The Law School and the School of Dentistry are exempt from this policy.

Other programs with existing policies on final examination cancellation due to University closure, or whose final examination is critical to licensing or accreditation, may request an exemption to this policy from the Office of the Provost.