Generating Class Permission Numbers

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Generate Permission Numbers

SIS class permission numbers allow students to enroll by:

  • overriding enrollment capacities
  • overriding enrollment requisites and/or
  • granting instructor/department consent
  • overriding career for special consent situations

Permission numbers will not override room capacity.  Builders can make room capacity changes in CourseLeaf Section Scheduler (CLSS).

Class permission numbers are associated with the enrollment sections of a class and are generated for the enrollment section.  They are assigned to students to use while enrolling online.  One permission number allows the student to enroll in all required components (lecture, lab, discussion, quiz) of the class.

Follow this procedure to generate permission numbers for a specific section of a class.

In CheckMarq, navigate as follows: Records and Enrollment > Term Processing > Class Permissions > Class Permissions.

  1. Complete these fields:

    Expand all   |   Collapse all  

    Academic Institution



    Enter the appropriate term.

    Subject Area

    Enter Subject Area abbreviation or select from drop-down list.

    Catalog Nbr

    Enter the catalog number of the class.

  2. Click or tap the Search button.
  3. The Permission to Add page appears.  Note:  Marquette does not use Permission to Drop.
  4. Scroll to the appropriate class section.  Note:  Permission numbers are generated for one class section at a time. Do Not View All to generate permission numbers; generate permission numbers for each class section separately and then Save each section.
  5. In the Permission Valid For area, check each condition you want these permission numbers to override.
  6. The Expiration Date is the last day of late registration for this session.  If you want the permission numbers you are adding to expire before that date, enter a different date.
  7. In the Assign More Permissions field, enter the appropriate number of permissions to add and click or tap the Generate button. 
  8. Click or tap SAVE.

Suggestions for distributing permission numbers

  • Under General Info, you can use the check boxes under the Issued column to keep track of issued permission numbers or use the browser button to print a list and give it to the person distributing the numbers.
  • Under the Comments tab, you can enter the name of the student that you issued a permission number.  Use the browser button to print the list of student names.
  • As students register with permission numbers, return to the General Info page to see the name and ID of the students and the Permission Use Date.

Update Enrollment Caps

SOC Builders and Registration Monitors have access to update enrollment caps for classes during a given term via CheckMarq up through the end of the term.

In CheckMarq, navigate as follows:  Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Update Sections of a Class.

  1. In Update Sections of a Class, enter any information you have and click or tap Search.  Leave fields blank for a list of all values
  2. Click or tap the Class Enrollment Limits tab and update the necessary enrollment caps in the appropriate Enrl Cap field.
  3. Click or tap Save.

Update Instructors

SOC Builders and Registration Monitors have access to update instructors for classes via CheckMarq during the term until the last day to withdraw from classes in a given session with a grade of W.

In CheckMarq, navigate as follows:  Marquette Extensions.

  1. Click or tap Student Records
  2. Click or tap Use. Then click or tap Update Instructors for Classes.
  3. On the Update Instructors for Classes page, enter the Term, Subject and Catalog Number to search for the appropriate class.
  4. Click or tap + to add or - to delete the Primary Instructor, Secondary Instructor, TA or D2L Facilitator.