Reminders for Schedule Builders


  • Please do not use smart/curly quotes and apostrophes for text entry into CLSS.  Clean up any smart/curly quotes and apostrophes that currently exist and use straight quotes and apostrophes instead.  This will prevent problems with courses/sections not appearing in Class Search.
  • Delete all pre-requisites verbiage from the Notes.  We want to clean up all double-listing of prerequisites.  The Course Restrictions are automatically displaying the pre-requisites for the students, if you have activated the pre-requisite checking.
  • Blended is an Instruction Mode refer to the SOC Builders page.  Please do not explain 'Blended' in the Notes Section.
  • Any Course Attributes that are coded, do not need to be in the Notes Section.
  • Dates that are the same as Session Dates, do not need to be placed in the Notes Section.
  • For summer online courses, face-to-face meeting dates should not be entered in the Notes Section.
  • Capacities...check both Requested Room and Enrollment Capacities.  Remember that the Enrollment Capacity must be equal to or lower that the Requested Room Capacity, NEVER higher.
  • Cancelled courses/sections roll.  check each section's status and leave as active or change from cancelled to active.  Delete all of the sections yo do not plan to offer, unless they are continuous enrollment courses.
  • Continuous enrollment courses graduate and professional continuations courses and update:  leave as active, activate a cancelled section, leave as cancelled, or, add additional sections as needed.  Do not delete them.
  • Combined Sections roll...check capacities on sections that will remain combined, and remove sections and rows of classes that will no longer be combined.
  • Facility ID...enter only restricted classrooms and not general pool classrooms.  Also enter DIST LEARN (Distance Learning), SATBA (Study Abroad) and CP (Clinical Practicum).
  • Refer to the SOC Builders Page>Facility Roles.  For reporting, course evaluations and other purposes all instructors roles must reflect accurately what the faculty or staff are doing in D2L and in the classroom.
  • Instructors roll...access level auto populates.
  • Room Characteristics will not roll.  You will need to enter them for each term.
  • Section Numbers...check and make sure they are in accord with the section numbering standards as indicated on the SOC Builders Page.
  • Wait List Capacity or Auto Enroll Wait List...are not available options.  Wait List Capacity should be left blank and Auto Enroll Wait List should be unchecked.
  • To avoid conflicts in student schedules, all common exams scheduled during the term must meet either at 3 p.m. on Fridays or during a day/time when all the sections being combined for a common exam would regularly meet.  All common exams must be coordinated with the Office of the Registrar before selecting and advertising the day/time for the common exam. 

Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) & Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Summer Courses

Departments that offer courses for the incoming Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) and Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) students need to be aware of the following:

ESP and EOP courses...

  • are offered in summer session 2.
  • are five weeks in length, so the end date on the SOC meeting page must be adjusted.
  • meet five days per week.
  • must be scheduled in the morning, not in the afternoon.
  • reserve capacities will be entered by the Registrar.
  • may have actual total enrollment of 20 or 30 students, depending on the course.

For more information, please contact: