• Using D2L Gradebook Tool
    This guide covers: (1) Setting up your Gradebook using the Setup Wizard; (2) Creating grade categories; (3) Creating grade items; (4) Entering grades; (5) Deleting categories and grade items and (6) Calculating final grades.
  • D2L Discussions Tool
    An introductory guide to discussions that covers: (1) Create a discussion forum; (2) Create a topic in a discussion forum; (3) Edit forums and topics; (4) Delete discussion forums, topics, and threads and (5) Assessing a topic.
  • D2L Dropbox Tool
    Get acquainted with the D2L Dropbox with this introductory guide that covers: (1) Create folders and categories in the Dropbox; (2) Edit a folder; (3) Delete a folder and (4) View and evaluate student submissions.
  • D2L Rubrics Tool
    A quick guide to the Rubrics tool in D2L covering: (1) types of rubrics in D2L; (2) creating an analytic rubric; (3) creating a holistic rubric; (4) editing rubrics; (5) deleting rubrics.
  • D2L Quizzing Tool
    A quick guide on the Quiz feature in D2L covering: (1) Use the Question Library to create a question bank; (2) Create quizzes; (3) Edit and delete quizzes and (4) Grade quizzes.
    • D2L Quiz FAQs
  • Guide to Using D2L with JAWS
    An introductory guide on how to navigate D2L using the JAWS screen reader that covers: (1) Logging into D2L; (2) Configuring D2L Account Settings; (3) Navigation Content; (4) Navigating Quizzes.
  • How to Archive Your Course
    Archive Materials from a past course to a zip file.
  • Quick EvalQuick Eval is a new tool found on the D2L home page that will allow instructors access to their unevaluated submissions for grading in all active courses.
  • Online Rooms is a collaboration platform using web conferencing (Skype for Business)
    Student Guide
    Instructor Guide


Christina JohnsonFor questions on D2L, please contact the Instructional Technologist, Christina Johnson at christina.johnson@marquette.edu