Policies and Procedures

Graduate School of Management policies and procedures are listed below. Please contact the Graduate School of Management office with any questions.

Academic course load

  • The maximum academic course load for a graduate student is 13 semester hours of course work for fall or spring term. Seven hours are the maximum permitted for each of the summer sessions, but no more than 13 credits for the entire summer.
  • Overload requests must be sought and approved if any student exceeds these maximum limits. To request an Overload, send an email, or letter to the Graduate School of Management at mba@marquette.edu. If approved, the Graduate School of Management will work with other offices on campus to assist in the registration of the overload credits.
  • Graduate Assistants may register for a maximum of ten semester hours each fall or spring term and seven hours for each of the summer sessions. Overloads must have the approval of the Graduate School of Management. All overload requests must be submitted in writing to the Graduate School of Management. All the courses anticipated for the overload semester must be included in the written request, along with your name and student MUID number.

Academic Status: full-time vs. part-time

  • The Graduate Bulletin defines full-time status as a minimum of seven credit hours, or its equivalent, (see Continuation Requirement) for each fall and spring semester.
  • Half-Time status is defined as 4 or more, but less than 7 credits. •Less-than-half-time is defined as less than 4 credits.
  • See Graduate Bulletin for Continuous Enrollment policy and guidelines. It is important to note that Continuous Enrollment is for academic involvement not reflected via a course registration, such as master’s essay work.
  • The Graduate Bulletin is available at the www.marquette.edu/grad.

Academic Censure

Information and official adacemic censure procedures are described in the bulletin: https://bulletin.marquette.edu/schoolofmanagement/academicregulations/#academiccensure

Appeal form

Academic Review

Every academic unit evaluates the academic performance of its graduate students at the close of each term, adhering to the standards of the Graduate School of Management and any additional standards promulgated by the unit.

Graduate students must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.000 in all course work, including prerequisites, foundations, core, elective core, elective courses, whether they apply toward the degree or not. Specific attention is given to those admitted on Probationary Status. Those who do not meet the requirements outlined on their admission letter may be recommended for disenrollment. This is a university requirement and minimum standard for graduate courses and graduate students. Students are responsible for awareness of these standards, which are listed in the program section of the Graduate School of Management bulletin.

Students that have below average or unsatisfactory work will be sent official notification to their Marquette email account from the Graduate School of Management. Marquette University email is considered an official form of communication. The results of this review are reported to the Office of the Registrar and noted on student records.

Satisfactory academic work is not, however, determined exclusively by course grades. All Graduate School of Management degree students, including those registered for Continuation courses must make substantial and visible progress toward their degrees. This includes successful completion of such program requirements as the master’s professional project and comprehensive examination.

All students enrolled in Graduate School of Management courses are subject to the standards stated within the Graduate School of Management including, but not limited to degree, non-degree, exchange students and others taking our courses. All students must maintain professional behavior at all times.

Examples of unsatisfactory work include, but are not limited to: 1) any difficulty maintaining the required 3.000 grade point average, such as a weak first or second term, multiple incompletes, accumulating three grades of C (nine hours) or a combination of four grades of B- and/or C (12 hours), or one grade of F, WF, U or UNC; 2) a term without substantial and visible progress toward completion of program requirements, such as professional project, comprehensive exam, course work; 3) violation of probation requirements; 4) unprofessional behavior in a class, or professional setting representing Marquette University.

If, in the judgment of the academic unit, a student does not meet the non-academic standards, either a warning letter is issued by the department to the student, or a recommendation is made to the dean of the Graduate School of Management that the student be dropped from the graduate program.

Academic Review communication is directed to your Marquette email.

Appeals Process

In the Graduate School of Management, the final responsibility to resolve student appeals rests with the dean of the Graduate School of Management (or, when delegated, the executive associate dean). Possible matters of appeal include, but are not limited to, terminations from programs, dis-enrollments, graduation decisions, failure of economics master’s comprehensive examination or professional project and accusations of academic dishonesty. Before an appeal is made to the Graduate School of Management, every effort must have been made to resolve the matter informally, and appeal procedures at the program level must have been exhausted.

Appeals to the Graduate School of Management must be made in writing to the dean of the Graduate School of Management within 3 days of notification of the action being appealed. The appeal must be specific and substantiated. The dean of the Graduate School of Management reserves the right to appoint a committee to hear the appeal. During an appeal, students may maintain graduate status. This status is maintained through either course work or less than half-time continuous enrollment at the discretion of the Graduate School of Management or the students' graduate program.

Attendance Guidelines

The Marquette University Graduate School of Management considers regular class attendance an important component of the learning process. Students are expected to attend scheduled class meetings; excessive absences may have adverse consequences, ranging from a lowered course grade to forced withdrawal from the course. Excessive absence is generally defined as missing more than 10-15 percent of the regularly scheduled class time. Please consult the instructor’s course syllabus for additional details regarding a particular course.

Continuation Requirement

The Graduate School of Management requires all graduate students in a degree program to continuously enroll each Fall and Spring semester following their first semester of course work or to formally request a leave of absence. If a Temporary Withdrawal from a Graduate Program is necessary, you should contact your Advisor in writing, prior to the start of the semester. Include your reason for not taking classes that semester and a projected return date. There is no fee associated with this process. Students who do not request a written temporary withdrawal with the Graduate School of Management are subject to readmission based on the program and admission standards of the current program year.

See Temporary Withdrawal and Time Limitation for additional information.

Students wishing to formally enroll in University Continuation Enrollment courses (i.e., for students that need to maintain full-time status for health insurance or other purposes) must follow the official University policy on Continuation Enrollment registration:

  • Continuation courses allow those in non-credit academic work such as examination preparation, practica, professional project preparations, etc. to be considered full-, half-, or less-than-half time students.
  • When full-or half-time continuation status is requested, it must be justified and explained on the Continuation Enrollment Registration Form the Graduate School of Management. The student’s academic advisor, and/or Associate Dean of Graduate Programs must verify and approve the non-credit academic work. The student’s transcripts will reflect the Continuation Enrollment status.
  • NOTE: Any change to your semester’s schedule will affect your registration status and continuous enrollment agreement. A modified Continuation Enrollment must be filed to reflect a schedule change.
  • There is a $100 tuition fee to register for the continuation registration.


Deadlines can be found in the calendars for each semester, or in the University academic calendar

Some deadlines to be aware of include:

  • Graduate School Financial Aid
  • Graduation Application
  • Incomplete Grade Removal
  • Tuition Refund Schedule
  • Withdrawal from class
  • Master of Science in Applied Economics students have deadlines for: Comprehensive Exam (MSAE students), Professional Project submission (MSAE students)
  • Students may also visit the University Academic Calendar


Transfer of credit

All business related courses must be approved by the Graduate School of Management.

Refer to Jesuit Transfer Agreement below for additional transfer of credit opportunities.

To transfer credits:

  • Courses taken at a School or University outside Marquette University must have prior approval. A copy of the course syllabi a written request for transfer of credit review should be submitted prior to the students’ registration for the course
  • Course(s)must be taken for graduate credit –student must earn a grade of B or better in each course–If a student plans on transferring courses the same semester as graduation, the student should be aware that all paperwork, including the final official transcripts from the outside institution and the approved transfer of credit form must be complete as least two weeks prior to the end of the MU academic semester. (see Graduate Bulletin for dates)
  • Student completes the Transfer of Credit Form
  • NOTE: Credits transferred from schools outside Marquette University are not included when calculating the student’s Q.P.A

Temporary Withdrawal

If it is necessary to miss one or more semesters of study, it is essential that you request a Temporary Withdrawal from a Graduate Program in writing from the Graduate School of Management office prior to the start of the first missed semester. We will work with the University to move your records forward to your anticipated return date.

The form to request the temporary withdrawal is posted to the GSM web site

Students who do not contact us prior to missing a semester are considered ‘out-of-status’, and are subject to readmission to the Graduate School of Management. This may affect continuation in the program, completion dates and program requirements.

Time limitations

Students must complete all requirements for their degrees within six years of their first course. Students unable to complete their program and graduate within six years may petition the Graduate School of Management for an extension of time. The petition must be submitted to your advisor in writing and include an explanation of why the program has not been completed and a time and task chart of how and when the program will be completed.

JesuitMBA transfer agreement

The JesuitMBATransfer Agreement (Jesuit Business Schools) allows a student to transfer more than 6 credits from another participating Jesuit school towards their Marquette University GSM degree. The Jesuit School where you complete 51% or more of your coursework is the school that awards your degree.

To participate in the JEBNET agreement,

  • Complete the Multilateral Agreement Form available in the Graduate School of Management office
  • Be accepted at the school of interest and meet all of their admission requirements
  • Obtain pre-approval for all transfer courses from the Marquette University Graduate School of Management
  • Obtain the grade of “B” or better in the transfer course(s)•have official transcripts sent directly from the school to Marquette University Graduate School of Management upon completion of the course(s).
  • The official transcripts must be received prior to our graduation deadlines for the anticipated graduation term.
  • Jesuit MBA students are encouraged to review the Continuation Enrollment policy.