Corporate and Executive Education

Life-long learning is a key component of today’s business world. As such, the center partners with corporations to provide customized educational experiences for its mid- to senior- level professionals in supply chain management.

Conducted by best-in-class faculty from the College of Business Administration and beyond, our center’s corporate and executive education delivers highly informative and interactive learning experiences in both custom and open-enrollment programs.

The center has worked with groups at Johnson Controls, Direct Supply, and Rockwell Automation, among others.

Upcoming Programs

Supply Chain Leadership

Supply Chain Leadership consists of three modules which can be taken individually.

Supply chain is not another business function. Rather, it is a business philosophy that views business as asystem whose individual components must be synchronized to achieve its stated business objectives. Just as there are physical laws to govern how nature works, there are laws that govern how integrated supply chain systems must operate and perform. Despite this, organizations often attempt to violate these laws implicitly through inconsistencies in customer service objectives, corporate strategy and operational capabilities. For these reasons, many firms have failed to realize the anticipated benefits and the return on investment of supply chain improvement projects.

Our supply chain management program is designed to provide practical and actionable solutions to correct the problem and to avoid sophisticated solutions to wrong problem.

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