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As the customer service unit for the offices of the Bursar, Financial Aid, Registrar and Student Employment, Marquette Central is here to help with any questions you may have. Below, please review our online resources, key next steps and important deadlines to ensure success during your first year at Marquette University.

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The Marquette Central website is an online resource for registrar, financial aid and student account information. Key features include links to student forms, class search, student employment, important dates and reminders.


eMarq is the secure email system used by Marquette students, faculty and staff and it is the official means of communications for the university community. EMarq accounts are automatically created for admitted Marquette students. We highly encourage the habit of regularly checking eMarq email.

An email message indicating the username and password is sent to the student’s personal email address on record with the admissions office. Passwords can be reset.

Students can log in to eMarq at portal.office.com using their Marquette email address and password. Typically, Marquette email addresses follow the format firstname.lastname@marquette.edu unless there is a person on campus with the same first and last names. In that case, ITS will use the middle initial to provide unique addresses. For example, Golden M. Eagle and Golden U. Eagle’s email addresses would be golden.m.eagle@marquette.edu and golden.u.eagle@marquette.edu. 

Remember to register password recovery methods. If help is needed with a student password, call the IT Services TechSquad at (414) 288-7799 or email them at techsquad@marquette.edu


CheckMarq is a gateway to student information at Marquette University. It allows students to check financial information, register for classes, request transcripts, view grades, check registration appointment times and plan future terms. Navigation is tile based where key pages are grouped together for ease of use. 

For more information on CheckMarq visit our Student CheckMarq page.

checkmarq home page tiles

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

This federal law protects the privacy of student records at Marquette. Once enrolled in a class, no one may access student records without the student’s permission, except:

  1. The student.
  2. University personnel who require the information for legitimate educational purposes.
  3. The university when required by law or contractual obligation to do so.

To learn more, visit the Office of the Registrar.

Students can update their FERPA Restrictions by visiting CheckMarq Student Home > Profile > Privacy Restrictions. If students choose to restrict their address, telephone number and/or e-mail address, that information will not be released by Marquette University when inquiries are received, and will not be included in publications such as telephone directories or other institutional publications.

FERPA policy CheckMarq

Marquette Central Access Number (MCAN)

To follow FERPA, students and their families must verify their identity when contacting Marquette Central.

The MCAN is a randomly generated four-digit number used with the nine-digit Marquette ID (MUID) number to help Marquette Central staff identify people authorized to access student information. The MCAN and MUID are needed when contacting Marquette Central via phone or in person.

Students can find the MCAN by visiting CheckMarq Student Home > Profile > MCAN.
(The MCAN is NOT available via online Guest Access.)

MCAN description

A student may authorize others to receive their student financial and record information (excluding grades and schedules) by providing them with the MCAN and the MUID.

The MCAN can be changed by students in CheckMarq at any time.

Students should be careful when disclosing their MCAN and/or MUID numbers to help protect their personal information.

Guest Access

CheckMarq provides Guest Access so others can view grades, student account and/or financial aid information and make payments. With the guest username and password, those selected by the student, such as parents, guardians or spouses, can check the student’s account information.

To grant access, visit CheckMarq Student Home > Profile > Setup Guest Access

setup guest access

If a guest email address is entered, the guest will receive e-bill notifications.

Students can end Guest Access or change information that guests can view at any time.

Student account access allows guests to view the tuition balance, e-bill, 1098-Ts and links to pay via credit card or e-payment.

Financial aid access allows guests to view offered and accepted aid, along with the expense worksheet. Guests cannot accept or decline financial aid.

Grade Access allows guests to view midterm and final grades.



If selected for Verification by the U.S. Department of Education, the accuracy of the FAFSA information must be confirmed before financial aid can pay to the student account.
There are three ways students are notified when their FAFSA has been selected for Verification:

  1. The comment section of the FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS).
  2. Missing Information Letters will be sent to the student’s eMarq account.
  3. The documents requested will appear in the CheckMarq Student Home > Tasks > To Do List.

Required Verification Documentation:

The following federally required information must be submitted to Marquette Central.

  1. An electronic verification worksheet will be sent to the student’s eMarq email. Both the student and the parent will complete, attach any needed documents, sign and submit the form.
  2. Students and parents income must be verified. If the Direct Data Exchange (DDX) did not transfer data or the student or parent was ineligible to use the DDX, signed copies of the Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript(s) must be submitted. Visit marquette.edu/central/verify 2425/ for information.
  3. Students may securely upload these documents using the Document Upload link found under CheckMarq Student Home > Financial Aid > Upload Documents/To-Do Items

upload documents


Missing Information Letters are emailed to a student’s eMarq account when more information is needed. Required documentation can also be viewed under the CheckMarq Student Home > Tasks > Communications. Documents should be submitted within 30 days of the date of the first request.

task tile

view communication


Prior to viewing a FAN or accepting aid each year, the student must grant consent to electronic communications by clicking on the “I Agree” button.

consent to do business

FANs can be viewed in CheckMarq Student Home > Financial Aid > Accept/Decline Aid > Offer Notification. A notification is emailed to the student’s eMarq account when a new FAN is available in CheckMarq. The FAN may be printed from CheckMarq at any time.

Offer Notification


Scholarships and grants are automatically accepted for students. Students may accept or decline offered loans and work options in CheckMarq Student Home > Financial Aid Tile > Accept/Decline Aid > Accept/Decline Aid. Students who wish to borrow less than the amount of loan offered can manually make that adjustment upon the first acceptance of the loan.  

*The Optional Loan cannot be accepted in CheckMarq. It is for informational purposes only. 

Accept/Decline Financial Aid screenshot

After accepting a loan, students must complete the following steps for the loan to pay to the student account:

Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans

  1. Complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN): Beginning in April, students who have accepted the Federal Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Loans will receive notice via eMarq to complete the MPN at studentaid.gov. Students are required to use their FSA ID to sign their MPN.
  2. Complete entrance counseling: First-time borrowers are also required to complete entrance counseling before loans will pay. This tool ensures students understand their obligation to repay the loan. 
  3. Funds pay to the student account: After notification that the MPN and entrance counseling are complete, the loan will be paid to the student account no earlier than 10 days before the start of each term.

Optional Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan/Alternative Loan

The OPTIONAL Parent-Student Loan cannot be accepted in CheckMarq. To apply for an optional loan (Parent PLUS Loan or student private alternative loan), follow these steps:

Applying for Parent PLUS Loan:

  1. Beginning in mid-April visit studentaid.gov > Apply for Aid > Apply for Parent PLUS loan.
  2. Sign in using the parent’s U.S. Department of Education FSA ID and select “Apply for a PLUS Loan” under the Parent Borrower section. If the parent borrower does not have an FSA ID, visit studentaid.gov/fsa-id. Do not use the student’s FSA ID.
  3. Complete the application and credit check. In the School Name section, select Marquette University.
  4. Credit check results are immediately available. If approved, the parent borrower can immediately complete the PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note. If credit is not approved, the borrower will have the choice to obtain an endorser, appeal the credit decision or not pursue the loan. If a parent is unable to secure a PLUS loan for a dependent undergraduate, the student may be eligible for more Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan to help with education costs. This additional student borrowing will likely be less than the PLUS loan amount, but can help in meeting educational costs. If the student is eligible, the amount is capped at the annual combinedUndergraduate independent level. This increase is not available if any parent passes the credit check or an endorser is approved. Contact Marquette Central for help.
  5. If the parent or the student is an eligible non-U.S. citizen, they may also be asked to give a copy of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services document to Marquette Central to verify their citizenship status.

Applying for an Alternative Loan:

Alternative loans are non-federal educational loans available from a variety of lending institutions. Borrowers must have a satisfactory credit history and, in most cases, a credit-worthy co-signer. The OPTIONAL Loan amount listed on the FAN is the maximum loan amount the student may request for the academic year. The student may request a lower loan amount. Visit marquette.edu/central/altloans for more information.

Federal Work Study or Marquette Student Employment

Student employment allows students to work up to 20 hours per week to earn a biweekly paycheck. Pay rates vary. In July, new students can begin their job search online in JobX. Visit Student Employment Services at any time to learn about how to apply for a job and required documentation. The student employment offer is not paid to the student account. It is paid directly to the student in the form of a direct deposit or a paycheck.


Contact Marquette Central for a Request for Consideration of Special Circumstances form if there are special or unusual circumstances not reflected on the FAFSA. Please wait until after the initial Marquette Financial Aid Notification has been received before requesting this form. Because of federal regulations, Verification must also be completed when requesting a review of special circumstances. Please see the documentation required for Verification above.

Common special circumstances include, but are not limited to, changes in income, high medical/dental payments not covered by insurance, sibling’s private elementary or high school tuition, and divorce, separation or death of a parent. The Office of Student Financial Aid is unable to consider circumstances such as high mortgages, car payments or consumer debt. It is not the practice of Marquette University to match financial aid awards from other universities.

If you are a dependent student on your FAFSA, but you have extenuating circumstances that you believe should be considered in determining status, contact Marquette Central.


Other outside or private scholarships not listed on the student’s offer must be reported to Marquette. Please contact Marquette Central to add expected scholarship(s) to the financial aid package. Scholarships will be split evenly between the fall and spring semesters unless otherwise noted by the donor. Please note: The student’s need-based aid may be modified due to receiving an outside scholarship

Include the student's Marquette ID number on the check.
Send scholarship checks to:

Office of Student Financial Aid
Attn: Scholarship Assistant
Marquette University
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881


Aid will pay directly to the student account no earlier than 10 days before the start of each term. If aid has not paid, review the reasons listed below or contact Marquette Central.

  1. Have all required documents been received and processed (e.g., final high school transcripts or Verification documentation, including signed 2022 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcripts)?
  2. Did the student accept all financial aid in CheckMarq?
  3. Did the parent apply for a Parent PLUS loan?
  4. Did the student complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling?
  5. Did the student and/or Parent PLUS Loan borrower, if applicable, complete the Master Promissory Note.
  6. Is the student registered at least half time* on CheckMarq (*six or more credits for undergrads, law, HESP and dental, and four or more credits for grad)?
  7. Are there To Do List items listed in the CheckMarq > Tasks > To do list?
  8. Is the student expecting Federal Work Study or Marquette Student Employment to be reflected as payment on the bill? Student employment will not pay toward the bill. A biweekly paycheck is received or direct deposit is made into the student’s bank account based on hours worked and rate of pay. Enrolling in Direct Deposit is strongly recommended. 


Students must apply for financial aid every year. Students should file their 2025-26 FAFSA at studentaid.gov beginning October 1, 2024 to meet the February 1st priority deadline. All documents must be received within 30 days of the first request. Students must follow through with these requests to avoid reduction and/or elimination of financial aid.


A loan is money borrowed and paid back with interest. Understanding the repayment process helps students build a solid financial foundation. Loans must be repaid, but payment deferment options may be available. Tracking loans borrowed is the first step to responsible borrowing. Students can track their loans in CheckMarq Student Home > Financial Aid > View Loan Debt. Loan balances, estimated repayment amounts and loan servicers are listed.

view my loan debt


It is important to financially plan, not only for your first year at Marquette, but also for the following years as well. Take advantage of the Expense Worksheet, which gives an estimate of the direct cost of attending Marquette University, while considering the financial aid offer. Log in to CheckMarq and navigate to CheckMarq Student Home > Financial Aid > Accept/Decline Aid > Expense Worksheet. 

Using national averages, tuition and living expenses such as housing and food typically increase about 3% per year and families should plan for these increases. In addition to accounting for cost increases, families should be aware of the terms of their scholarships, including any private scholarship terms.

  • For example: 
  • -  Is the scholarship limited to one year?
  • -  Does the scholarship cover a certain college or major within Marquette? What if the student wishes to change their major?
  • -  Does the scholarship cover university housing? What if the student decides to live with their family?
  • Expense worksheet



Marquette bills by the semester. E-bill notifications are sent to eMarq accounts and active Guest Access emails. Billing statements are not mailed. Registered students will receive initial e-bills in July for the fall semester and mid-December for the spring semester. It is important be fully registered and have all financial aid steps completed (aid accepted/declined, promissory notes signed, entrance counseling completed, etc.) so the e-bill accurately reflects the amount owed to the university.

Students not paid in full by the due date will have a registration and diploma block placed on their account. There is a $100 block removal fee. Students enrolled and current in the Marquette Monthly Payment Plan (MMPP) are exempt from this fee. Please review the Marquette University payment policy.

Students can monitor their holds in CheckMarq Student Home > Tasks > Holds


Students will receive an email with a link to their CheckMarq account when the e-bill is ready to view. E-bills are always viewable in CheckMarq Student Home>Student Account>E-billing Statements. The e-bill will reflect “anticipated aid” and “expected charges” as of the billing date. Fall payment is due Aug. 20, 2024.

To view e-bills, turn off your pop-up blockers and visit CheckMarq > Student Home > Student Account > E-Billing Statements

e-bill statement

Student e-bills are created monthly. To find the most up to date information on a student account visit CheckMarq Student Home > Student Account > Account Balance

what I owe


Method of Payment

How to make payment 

Pay online

e-check is a direct payment from a checking or savings account. There is no fee for e-checks.

Credit/Debit Card Payment requires a convenience fee. Payment may be charged to MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover Card. Refunds resulting from a credit card payment will be refunded back to the credit card.

Pay by Check.

Please include the student’s name and Marquette ID number on the payment.
Send to:
Office of the Bursar
Marquette University
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881

Marquette Monthly Payment Plan

If correctly budgeted enrollment in the Marquette Monthly Payment Plan (MMPP) prevents a registration, transcript and diploma block from being placed on the account.  

Fall MMPP payments are due Aug. 5 – Dec. 5                                        Spring MMPP payments are due Jan 5. – May 5.

Pay by Cash

In Office Only

Direct credit from financial aid sources

Federal, State, and Institutional grants, scholarships and loans will be applied directly to the account. Please use these pages for more information on private scholarships and alternative loans.



Marquette offers the MMPP, an interest-free monthly payment plan administered by Nelnet. It allows families to spread education payments out over five equal monthly installments per semester. The payment plan is not available during summer terms.

The enrollment fee is $35 per semester. Payments are due on the fifth of each month. The fall semester program begins August 5 and runs through December 5. The spring semester program begins Jan. 5 and runs through May 5. Families must reenroll each semester. When enrolling online (mycollegepaymentplan.com/), create the account in the student's name, with the parent as the authorized payor. Please use the student e-bill when setting up the MMPP as Nelnet does not have student specific account information. Contact Nelnet at (800)609-8056 with enrollment questions.

Because the MMPP is administered by a third party, monthly payments are made directly to Nelnet, not to the university. Those on the MMPP will continue to receive a monthly Marquette e-bill. Please review the e-bill each month to ensure installments will cover the amount due.


If financial aid or personal payments exceed student charges, a refund will be issued via direct deposit. Typically, refunds are available about 5 days prior to the start of the term. To ensure a refund or student payroll is not delayed, set up Direct Deposit bank routing and account number in CheckMarq Student Home > Student Account > Direct Deposit.

direct deposits


Marquette does not bill for student textbooks. If a student’s financial aid exceeds their direct charges, they may use their refund to pay for some or all their textbooks. As previously stated, refunds are usually available about 5 days prior to the start of the term.

Book lists are available prior to the start of the term in CheckMarq Student Home > Manage Classes > View My Classes > View Textbooks.

Remember to weigh the cost of renting vs. buying options when getting textbooks.


The 1098–T tax form is used to determine eligibility for any educational tax credits, such as the American Opportunity Credit, Lifetime Learning Credit or other education credits on Form 1040. Each January, students may receive a 1098–T reflecting the qualified tuition and related expenses paid during the prior calendar year. The first year, the student will need to grant consent to view the 1098–T in CheckMarq > Student Account > View 1098-T.



Before registering, students must clear any registration holds in the Tasks tile.  Students are required to complete the “Pre-Registration Cheq” every semester before registration is allowed.  Students register for classes via the Manage Classes tile in Checkmarq.

The online undergraduate bulletin (bulletin.marquette.edu/undergrad/) is a helpful tool and guide for class selections.  The bulletin lists graduation requirements by college and major. 

Other tools used in registration are the waitlist and permission numbers. A waitlist may be available for closed classes.  A permission number may also be needed to register for a class, i.e. pre-requisite not met.  Permission numbers are given out by individual college departments.

More detailed information regarding registration is available on the Marquette Central website marquette.edu/central/registrar/course-registration.php.



Important Dates

Action to Complete


Assign bill payer Guest Access CheckMarq > Profile > Guest Access. Enter an email address to have e-bill notifications emailed to the guest.

Sign up for Direct Deposit for refunds on CheckMarq > Student Account > Direct Deposit.

Find the Marquette Central Access Number via the MCAN tab on CheckMarq > Profile > MCAN. All callers to Marquette Central must provide the MCAN and Marquette ID number.

By July 12

Register for at least 12 credits to be billed as a full-time student.

Complete Direct Entrance Counseling

Complete Direct Loan Master Promissory Note at studentaid.gov/mpn/.

If awarded a Nursing or Marquette loan, accept and sign promissory note at uasconnect.com. Sign and return the Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification form that is available on CheckMarq > Financial Aid > Loan Documents > Truth In Lending.

After July 17

Monitor eMarq account for notification of first e-bill.

View the e-bill in CheckMarq > Student Account > E-Billing Statements

Contact the Office of Residence Life at orl@marquette.edu or (414) 288-7208 with any housing or food plan questions.

If you wish to spread out your payments sign up for the Marquette Monthly Payment Plan (MMPP) through Nelnet to pay the student account balance in monthly installments.

August 5

The first MMPP installment is due.

August 20

Fall payment is due in full if not enrolling in the MMPP.

September 3

Last day to add/drop classes or change to audit for fall term.

Contact Marquette Central for any issues related to registration blocks before this date.

September 15

Last day to sign up for the fall MMPP.

Note: Missed installments need to be paid at enrollment.


File your 2025-26 FAFSA at studentaid.gov to meet the February 1st priority deadline

The Marquette University school code is 003863


View Spring e-bill in CheckMarq

Sign up for the spring 2023 MMPP

Grant consent to view your 1098–T in CheckMarq > Student Account > View 1098-T

Early January

Complete the 2024-25 FAFSA at studentaid.gov to meet the Feb. 1 priority deadline for consideration of all financial assistance for 2024-25.

The Marquette University school code is 003863.

January 5

First spring MMPP installment is due.

January 9

Spring payment is due in full if not enrolling in the MMPP.

2024-25 UNDERGRADUATE BREAKS: (Classes Excused):

Labor Day: 09/02/2024

Midterm break:  10/17/2024 – 10/18/2024 

Thanksgiving Holiday: 11/27/2024 - 11/30/2024

Winter Break (no regular session classes) 12/15/2024 - 1/12/2025

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: 01/20/2025

Spring Break:  03/10/2025 - 03/16/2025

Easter Break:  04/17/2024 - 04/21/2025

Academic Calendar


Fall 2024 Finals: 12/09/2024-12/14/2024

Spring 2025 Finals: 5/5/2025-5/10/2025

Please refer to the Academic Calendar page.



To comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Marquette Central requires the MUID number and the Marquette Central Access Number (MCAN) before releasing any student information. Please have the MUID number and the MCAN when contacting Marquette Central. Students should record the information below for future reference.

  1. Write down the nine-digit student MUID found in CheckMarq > Profile.
  2. Obtain the MCAN on CheckMarq > Profile
  3. The student should set up CheckMarq Guest Access. See the Guest Access instructions above in the CheckMarq section.

Important numbers reference card