Access Sent Mail via D2L Classlist

Instructors: If you sent Teams online class session/meeting details to students via D2L Classlist, you can retrieve the email you sent. Accessing Sent Mail on your D2L course site can help if you need the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link to start the online class session/meeting. Or use these steps if you need to share the join link, the call-in number and the Conference ID.

  1. Login to D2L.
  2. Select a D2L course site. You can click or tap the "waffle" icon to see your course sites.

    Use the waffle icon to select courses
  3. Your D2L course site appears.

    A. In the upper right, click or tap the Email icon.

    B. Then select Email.

    Click or tap Email icon then Email

  4. The Compose New Message screen appears. On the right, click or tap the Sent Mail button.

    Click or tap Sent Mail icon

  5. Select your sent message with online class session/meeting details. The sent message appears. Look for the online class session/meeting details, similar to the illustration below.

    Meeting details example

  6. If you need to join the online class session/meeting now, click or tap the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link.

    If you need to share the online class session/meeting details, select and copy the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link, the call-in number and the Conference ID.


Please contact the IT Services TechSquad for questions about Microsoft Teams.