Instructors: How to notify students of online class sessions

There are several ways to inform students about the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link for online class sessions.

  • If you used the D2L Teams Meeting Widget to create your online class session/meeting, that online meeting will not appear on your calendar. Note the D2L Teams Meeting Widget instructions include steps to send a Classlist email to students and/or post a News Item with meeting details. If you used the D2L Teams Meeting Widget to make a meeting, but you did not keep nor share the meeting details, simply create another online class session/meeting. Then follow the student notification steps in the instructions.
  • If you did not use the D2L Teams Meeting widget, go to your calendar in Outlook on the Web Calendar, Microsoft Outlook calendar or Microsoft Teams calendar.
  • Double-click to fully open the specific calendar event item for your online class session/meeting. If you single-click, a pop-up preview of the event may appear, and the preview may not show you what you need.
  • From the event item in your calendar, copy the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link, the call-in number and Conference ID.

    Conference ID and call-in number
  • Confirm you copied the correct course section's online class meeting.
  • Login into D2L. Use D2L's class list feature to email the online class session/meeting information to all your students.

Watch this brief video below for the D2L Class List email segment — starting at the 1-minute, 33-second mark — to inform students of the online class session details.



Please contact the IT Services Help Desk for questions about Microsoft Teams.