Industry Demand & Alumni Highlights

Harvard Business Review

“The field of economics has spent decades developing a toolkit aimed at investigating empirical relationships, focusing on techniques to help understand which correlations speak to a causal relationship and which do not...This work has found new applications in the digital economy"

The Marquette Master of Science in Applied Economics (MSAE) prepares graduates with highly in-demand knowledge, skills, and experiences.   

More than ever, business decision making relies on the significant insights offered through strong data analysis.  The MSAE prepares students for analytical roles through impactful teaching in economic theory, econometrics and forecasting, and offers opportunities to build specialized knowledge in marketing, finance, economic policy and/or software programs including R, SQL and Python. 

This Harvard Business Review article describes the applicability of economics training to the tech sector.  With the expansion of data analysis, the key points in this article align with the current applicability of economics preparation for all business sectors. 

Earnings & Demand

MSAE graduates enter roles that pay $25-$30K more than graduates of a bachelor's degree.  In addition to strong earnings, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projections for careers often pursued by MSAE graduates indicate above-average growth.  From 2022 to 2032:

  • Employment of data scientists is projected to grow 35%
  • Employment of operations research analysts is projected to grow 23%

Shannon SkidmoreI’m gaining analytical and professional skills that are directly applicable to my career goals. My coursework at Marquette has already been beneficial to my career growth during my time in the program.
Shannon Skidmore, Finance and Administration Data Analyst, Yale University

  • Employment of market research analysts is projected to grow 13%
  • Employment of financial analysts is projected to grow 8%

Alumni Highlights & Career Outcomes



Department of Health Service
Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee
Kohl’s Corporation
Monument Economics Group
Near West Side Partners
Northwestern Mutual
SC Johnson
Summit Consulting
U.S. Bank
U.S. Census
U.S. Department of Education
WEC Energy Group
Wells Fargo

Job Titles

Analytics Analyst
Applied Microeconomist
Budget and Policy Analyst
Business Analyst
Business Economics Analyst
Business Intelligence Developer
Data Scientist
Demand Planning Analyst
IP Valuation Associate
Market Research Coor
Mutual Fund Administrator
Paid Search Analyst
Pricing and Margin Management Lead
Research Analyst
Sales and Revenue Forecasting Analyst
Segmentation and Targeting Analyst
Sourcing and Research Analyst

Adam HeiseyThe MSAE program provides mathematical and economic theory combined with practical coding and research application, which allows students more flexibility in their studies and future job prospects. Any program can teach mathematical and economic theory, but the MSAE program encourages practical skills you can demonstrate and market to employers.
Adam Heisey, Economist / Data Scientist, U.S. Energy Information Administration


Ryan HuffThe graduate econometrics course was immensely helpful in my job today. It provided me with a toolkit of models helpful for any data oriented job and improved my fundamental understanding of empirical economics.
Ryan Huff, Data Scientist, Milliman

Check out Ryan’s whitepapers about housing affordability and preventing borrower re-default.


Learning how to read through academic papers for comprehension and applying the advanced economic concepts found in them is something that I struggled with when I began the MSAE program but is something I became very comfortable with by the time I completed my professional project. This proved to be essential to understanding the unique economic issues facing my industry. Thanks to the skills I developed from the professional project, I was able to quickly begin answering strategic questions for my company, which put me in the fast track for career advancement.

Tommy Adler, FP&A Analyst, Road Ranger