Graduate Business Programs

Accounting Analytics

Accounting Analytics

Prepare to work with the wealth of available financial data to inform and guide business decisions.

MS accounting


Gain the technical expertise to become a Certified Public Accountant and experiences to obtain a position with a professional services firm or well-recognized corporation.

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Applied Economics Master's Program Through Marquette University Graduate School

Applied Economics

For those seeking careers as economic, market or financial analysts in industry, government, or the financial sector.

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Business and Managerial Analytics Certificate

Business and Managerial Analytics

Designed for working professionals and managers seeking a deeper understanding of how to leverage data and apply it in decision making and risk reduction.

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Corporate Communications Master of Arts

Corporate Communications

A unique interdisciplinary program that combines public relations fundamentals and communication theory with an advanced business education, preparing professionals for executive-level roles.

M.A., Online or Blend On-Campus

Executive MBA

Executive MBA

Apply what you are learning to leadership challenges at work while earning your MBA degree.

Executive MBA

Get your BA and MS in Finance in five years


Our fully online Master of Science in Finance program combines accounting, economics, and financial technology. Optional focus areas include: Corporate Finance, Investments, Commercial Banking or Real Estate.

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Business Leadership Certificate

Leadership in Business

Designed for working professionals who are preparing themselves for leadership positions in government, corporations or not-for-profit organizations around the globe.

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Master in Management

Master in Management

Our Master in Management program is delivered 100% online. Lead people with a set of skills built on data-driven, ethical, and context-based decision making.

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M.B.A. Program


Gain keen insight into how to deliver the business skills that are in-demand and relevant to organizations in today’s ever-shifting business landscape.

Sports Leadership Certificate

Sports Leadership

Designed for professionals who would like to strengthen their leadership skills and advance their career within the exciting $440 billion athletics industry.

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Online Supply Chain Management Master's Program

Supply Chain Management

The online degree will equip you with the competencies and tools that you need to understand and lead the change in the transition from physical to digital supply chains.

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