O'Brien Hall Events Space

The O'Brien Hall Events Space (Michels Family Forum), OB150A/B is a dividable ballroom-type space with flexible seating for events up to 300 people.

In the default "seminar configuration" with tables as shown below the whole space seats 150.  With the divider wall lowered, the space can become two rooms with 75 seats each.

The room can be configured to hold as many as 300 with chairs only in a "lecture configuration". Your group is responsible for moving any furniture before and after your event. This layout would require advance notice and may require the use of an outside vendor for chair rental.

The north gallery space just outside of the room is a great place for a reception or networking component.

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Events space layout

How to request use of the event space:

Please be aware the event space is used as a classroom most weekdays prior to 2:00 p.m., we are unable to host morning or lunch events in this space while classes are in session.  Availability varies after 2pm on other weekdays.

Please email Kelly, k.mcdonald@marquette.edu with your desired date and time and she will start the approval process for booking this space.

Dividing Wall

For instructions on the partition wall, see this page

For Fall 2023, the partition wall will be lowered at all times.

If you need to change the wall position, please borrow a key from the O'Brien Welcome desk during staffing hours, 9am-4pm.  Hours may vary during breaks.  Please return the wall to its prior position after your event and return the key to the front desk.

A/V Technology

The event space currently hosts two entirely independent AV Systems until an unknown future date when new AV equipment is installed.  Each side features:

  • Podium PC (MU login required)
  • HDMI laptop hookup for audio and video
  • Projectors and screens around the perimeter of each room
  • One lavaliere mic per side for voice amplification
  • If a stage is needed, you will need to rent one from an outside vendor.
  • Guest WiFi access

If using the entire space, please consider the limitations of the separate systems.  Some possible work-arounds include:

  • Having someone run a duplicate presentation on the other PC
  • If using Teams, the Teams meeting can be displayed on the other PC
  • Using both mic packs in tandem, or using the mic from the opposite side of the room so the farther-away guests will have amplification
  • Contracting an A/V company to setup their own sound system (necessary for panel events, as we do not have mixing capabilities for multiple mics at once)  GoAudio is our recommended vendor.
  • For questions about A/V capabilities please contact joseph.stathus@marquette.edu
    COBA or ITS will attempt to provide IT/AV assistance if requested, but due to limited staffing at this time, it is not guaranteed.