Reserving Space in O'Brien Hall

Info on this page is intended for Marquette faculty and staff.
Students: see this page.
External users: see this page

  • Rooms used as classrooms may be reserved for meetings and events by staff via 25Live.  These are typically the larger rooms with capacities over 20.
  • Rooms not used as classrooms may be reserved by students or staff via Outlook.  These rooms are typically smaller.
  • The six "student meeting rooms" with glass walls on floors 2,3,4 are primarily intended for use by students, but staff are welcome to reserve them as well. Student meeting room info...
  • For the OB150 event space, please see our page with more info on that space.
  • In addition to 150, rooms 226 and 436 are divided by a movable partition wall. For instance, in 25Live for 226 you will see 226A, 226AB, and 226B.  AB is the entire space while A and B are the halves.  Booking AB also books A & B individually, likewise booking B blocks AB but not A.
  • Student organization leaders and employer guests: Reserve a table within the first floor lobby or pop-up in the first floor Taphorn Lounge space for branding or promoting upcoming events. See our page with more info.

O'Brien Hall Spaces

Room number Description Capacity Reserve via
150A/B Event Space 300 Kelly McDonald
111A (staff only) SSC/BCC conference room 8 Outlook
215A (staff only) Dean's Suite conference room 8 Outlook
209 Pitch Pit 25 25Live
201 & 220 Student meeting rooms 8 Outlook
301 & 320 Student meeting rooms 8 Outlook
313 Recording Studio 1 Outlook
328E Centers Suite conference room 9 Outlook
324 Centers Lab classroom 50 25Live
401 & 420 Student meeting rooms 8 Outlook
407 (staff only) Boardroom (COBA fac/staff only) 20 Outlook
417 E-lead classroom 60 25Live
1st floor lobby More info... 2, 10 Email BCC
All All other classrooms 30-82 25Live

How to reserve rooms via Outlook

  • Create or modify a meeting or appointment in Outlook on your personal calendar.  Press the Location button. Type OB in the search bar and wait a second or two, then the list of OB rooms available in Outlook will appear and you can select one by double-clicking it, then hit OK and make sure it appears next to the location button in your meeting invite.  This will reserve the room for the same time slot as the meeting you are creating.
    • Rooms with a Surface Hub have HUB in the title.  To best use the Teams functionality of the Surface Hub, be sure all attendees remote and in-person, the HUB room, and the Teams invite are all on the same event / meeting invitation.  If you have a pre-existing meeting that is not on the room reservation, you will need to login to the Surface Hub to access it.
  • Booking for someone else: If they have Marquette credentials, it is best that they add the room to the meeting themselves.  If booking for a non-Marquette entity you will still have to create an event on your calendar and add the room.  You can mark the event as "free" so it will show you as available during that time.
  • To browse availability for a certain room in Outlook: Go to your Calendar tab, then press Add Calendar (green plus sign).  Select "From Room List" then type OB in the search box.  Select the room and press open.  After doing this once, that room will remain in your list of shared calendars on the lower left of your Outlook calendar screen, and to view that room again in the future you can simply click it from there.

How to reserve rooms via 25Live

25Live is for Faculty & Staff only - student orgs needing larger spaces should work through a faculty or staff member or see this page

Go to 25 Live....

If you are not seeing all O'Brien rooms in 25Live we need to grant you access. If you are faculty/staff and have never used it before, please login at the link above to "enable" your account, then email to request access.

25Live Quick Steps:

  1. Login using link above.  You will need to press Sign in.
  2. In the location search, enter OB or O'Brien and press enter
  3. Click the Availability tab and enter the date of your event
  4. Use the grid to find a time and room that is available.  Hover over the room number in the left column to view capacity.
  5. Press the pencil icon to go to the "create event" form, the room and time will already be filled in.
  6. Complete all of the required information on the event form.
  7. Press submit.  You will receive an email when your booking is approved by either the Registrar or COBA staff depending on the room.  When you receive this email your event is confirmed.