Student Meeting Rooms

On floors 2, 3, and 4 of O’Brien Hall, there are meeting rooms on the east and west sides of the building, room numbers 201, 220, 301, 320, 401, 420.  Each room has a conference table, 8 chairs, a glass "whiteboard" wall and a Microsoft Surface Hub device. Rooms not listed above in O'Brien Hall are for faculty/staff use only.

  • These rooms are intended for business students and faculty to use to hold group or team meetings, form study groups, hold organization meetings, or participate in Teams calls for interviews or academic purposes. 
  • Reservations and occupancy are limited to 2 hours per day.
  • The student meeting rooms may not be used for individual study or as a lounge area. 
  • Hallway furniture may not be brought into these rooms.  If you need space for more than 8, please consider using the AMU or work with COBA faculty/staff to find a larger space in O’Brien Hall.
  • The rooms are currently not locked or under card swipe access.
  • Students are encouraged to reserve space in these rooms themselves using Microsoft Outlook.  Acceptable uses above apply with or without a reservation. The daily schedule of reservations for each room will appear on the Microsoft Surface Hub device screen.
  • While reservations are strongly encouraged, students are welcome to use these rooms for up to two hours on an impromptu/unreserved basis for groups (acceptable purposes apply) as long as the room is not reserved by someone else.  Check the Surface Hub screen for any upcoming reservations.
  • Students or staff making a reservation through Outlook receive priority, even if another group is occupying the room on an unreserved basis. 
  • When finished using the meeting room, please dispose of all trash and papers, and return chairs neatly to the table.  Press the “end session” button on the Surface Hub device if it is not already on the home screen.

How to reserve rooms using Outlook

While you may see other rooms in O’Brien Hall and across campus in Outlook, only the rooms listed above are for student use, other meeting rooms in O’Brien Hall such as 111, 215A, and 407 are for faculty/staff use only.

Create a meeting or appointment in your personal Outlook calendar, and enter the date, time, and title of the meeting. Remember the title of this meeting will be displayed on the Surface Hub device along with your name.

Press the Location button, and in the search field enter OB and press enter.  Choose from one of the six hub rooms listed above, and double-click it to add it to your meeting.  If the room says “unavailable” please try another one.

Add other meeting attendees to your meeting invite, and press the Teams Meeting button if you want to enable a Teams meeting via the Surface Hub device.  If using Teams, please be aware that all in-person and remote attendees must be added to the same meeting invite for the Surface Hub device to work properly.  Press send or save and the room is reserved.  You will receive an automated email from the room confirming your reservation.

See full instructions on Surface Hub devices.

For technical questions, please contact

Please be aware that staff will likely not be available to provide technical assistance in person.  Please consider bringing your laptop or printed materials as a backup in case the room technology fails to work properly for you.