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Faculty & Staff Directory

Tim  Hanley Tim Hanley Interim Keyes Dean of Business Administration (414) 288-7141
Gary A. Adams Gary A. Adams Professor of Management (414) 288-7338
Michael  Akers Michael Akers Professor Emeritus of Accounting (414) 915-6672
Syed  Akhter Syed Akhter Professor Emeritus of Marketing (414) 288-8050
Craig  Andrews Craig Andrews Professor and Charles H. Kellstadt Chair in Marketing (414) 288-7181
Matteo  Arena Matteo Arena Chair, Department of Finance (414) 288-3369
Manoj  Babu Manoj Babu Director, Center for Supply Chain Management & Instructor of Practice, Management (414) 288-6587
Mark  Barratt Mark Barratt Chair, Department of Management (414) 288-0670
William  Barrett William Barrett Adjunct Instructor of Marketing (414) 288-3995
Marko  Bastl Marko Bastl Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management (414) 288-6866
David  Bauer David Bauer Instructor of Practice - Finance
Kent  Belasco Kent Belasco Director, Commercial Banking Program (414) 414-6882
Rev. Ron  Bieganowski, S.J. Rev. Ron Bieganowski, S.J. Chaplain to the College of Business Administration (414) 288-1956
Charles  Breeden Charles Breeden Associate Professor Emeritus of Economics (262) 751-4277
Michael  Browne Michael Browne Adjunct Instructor of Accounting and Business Day 1 (414) 288-3729
Brian  Brush Brian Brush Professor Emeritus of Economics (414) 288-8050
William  Byrkit William Byrkit Instructor of Practice - Supply Chain Management
George  Cashman George Cashman Associate Professor of Finance (414) 288-1448
Jay  Caulfield Jay Caulfield Assistant Professor of Management (414) 288-5556
Abdur  Chowdhury Abdur Chowdhury Professor Emeritus of Economics (414) 288-8050
David  Clark David Clark Executive Associate Dean (414) 288-3339
Stephen  Cole Stephen Cole Assistant Professor of Economics (414) 288-3367
Robert  Collins Robert Collins Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management (414) 288-3412
Amy  Connelly Amy Connelly Office Associate, Accounting, Economics, & Marketing (414) 288-7623
John  Cotton John Cotton Professor of Management (414) 288-7558
John  Davis John Davis Professor Emeritus of Economics (414) 288-8050
Ashley  Deutsch Ashley Deutsch Assistant Professor of Marketing (414) 288-7667
Srinivas  Durvasula Srinivas Durvasula Professor and Edward A. Brennan Chair in Marketing (414) 288-5471
Sr. Eileen  Ennis, SSND Sr. Eileen Ennis, SSND Instructor of Management (414) 288-5564
Mark  Eppli Mark Eppli Professor Emeritus of Finance (414) 288-CFRE
Christine  Ferris Christine Ferris Instructor of Practice, Finance (414) 288-7344
Doug  Fisher Doug Fisher Associate Professor Emeritus of Practice
Jyoti  Gandha Jyoti Gandha Program Director - Graduate School of Management (414) 288-3309
Dan  Geigler Dan Geigler Instructor of Practice, Finance
Amrita  George Amrita George Assistant Professor of Management (414) 288-1441
Kurt  Gering Kurt Gering Adjunct Instructor of Management (414) 288-3751
Jeff  Germanotta Jeff Germanotta Instructor of Practice - Finance (414) 288-7032
Don  Giacomino Don Giacomino Professor Emeritus of Accounting (262) 243-9292
Kevin  Gibson Kevin Gibson Professor of Philosophy (414) 288-5321
John  Golden John Golden Instructor of Practice - Supply Chain Management (414) 288-0823
Mónica Unda Gutiérrez Mónica Unda Gutiérrez Assistant Professor of Economics & Political Science (414) 288-3419
Chris  He Chris He Assistant Professor of Accounting (414) 288-7844
Jessica  Hoerres Jessica Hoerres AIM Program Coordinator (414) 288-8024
Robin  Hoke Robin Hoke Associate Director of Executive Education (414) 288-5750
Jamshid  Hosseini Jamshid Hosseini Associate Professor Emeritus of Management - International Business (414) 288-7534
Margaret  Hughes-Morgan Margaret Hughes-Morgan Associate Professor of Management (414) 288-2007
Sungjun  Huh Sungjun Huh Assistant Professor of Economics (414) 288-6915
Andrew  Hunt Andrew Hunt Director, Center for Real Estate (414) 288-6020
Teresa  Janusz Teresa Janusz Director of Development (414) 288-7693
Byounghyun (BH)  Jeon Byounghyun (BH) Jeon Assistant Professor of Finance (414) 288-8041
Nicholas  Jolly Nicholas Jolly Associate Professor of Economics (414) 288-7576
Kate  Kaiser Kate Kaiser Associate Professor Emerita of Information Technology
Saehee "Sam"  Kang Saehee "Sam" Kang Assistant Professor, Management (414) 288-5814
Timothy  Keaveny Timothy Keaveny Professor Emeritus of Management (414) 288-8050
John  Knapp John Knapp Director of External Relations (414) 288-7238
Connie  Knoll Connie Knoll Office Associate, Graduate School of Management & Business Career Center (414) 288-7145
Sara  Koenig Sara Koenig Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Student Services (414) 288-5151
Heather  Kohls Heather Kohls Director of Global Business Learning, Economics (414) 288-3417
Kalin  Kolev Kalin Kolev Associate Professor of Management (414) 288-3365
David  Krause David Krause Director of Applied Investment Management (414) 288-1457
Barbara  Kren Barbara Kren Instructor of Practice - Accounting (414) 288-3549
Beth  Krey Beth Krey Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs (414) 288-7142
David  Krill David Krill Senior Director, Center for Real Estate (414) 288-CFRE
Gene  Laczniak Gene Laczniak Sanders Professor Emeritus of Marketing (262) 292-8252
Felissa  Lee Felissa Lee Associate Professor of Management (414) 288-3905
Noreen  Lephardt Noreen Lephardt Associate Professor Emeritus of Economics (414) 288-8050
Qianhua  Ling Qianhua Ling Associate Professor of Accounting (414) 288-8069
Hannah  Lubar Hannah Lubar Assistant Director - Business Career Center (414) 288-7394
Xin  Luo Xin Luo Assistant Professor of Accounting (414) 288-7238
Steven  Lysonski Steven Lysonski Professor Emeritus of Marketing (414) 288-8050
Cheryl  Maranto Cheryl Maranto Associate Professor Emeritus of Management
Joseph  Matthes Joseph Matthes Assistant Professor of Marketing (414) 288-1440
James  McGibany James McGibany Chair, Department of Economics (414) 288-7187
Paul M. McInerny Paul M. McInerny Instructor of Management and Sports Leadership Studies (414) 288-0289
Cindy  Melis Cindy Melis Instructor of Practice - Accounting (414) 288-1466
Walter  Melnik Walter Melnik Assistant Professor of Economics (414) 288-0828
Christopher  Merker Christopher Merker Instructor of Practice
Andrew  Meyer Andrew Meyer Associate Professor of Economics (414) 288-5489
Felicia  Miller Felicia Miller Chair, Department of Marketing (414) 288-8068
Alexander  Milovic Alexander Milovic Assistant Professor of Practice - Marketing (414) 288-8052
Kristin  Nines Kristin Nines Director of Academic Business Affairs (414) 288-6983
Farrokh  Nourzad Farrokh Nourzad Professor of Economics (414) 288-3570
Bonnie  O'Neill Bonnie O'Neill Associate Professor of Management (414) 288-1458
Jessica  Ogilvie Jessica Ogilvie Assistant Professor of Marketing (414) 288-3710
Wioleta  Olczak Wioleta Olczak Assistant Professor of Accounting (414) 288-7393
Terence  Ow Terence Ow Associate Professor of Management (414) 288-5104
Sarah  Peck Sarah Peck Associate Professor of Finance (414) 288-1461
Anthony  Pennington-Cross Anthony Pennington-Cross Robert B. Bell, Sr. Chair in Real Estate (414) 288-1452
John  Peterson John Peterson Coleman Chair & Instructor of Practice (414) 288-7035
Laura  Philbin Laura Philbin Assistant Director - Business Career Center (414) 288-7070
Laurna  Prantil Laurna Prantil Adjunct Instructor of Economics (414) 288-3254
Kathleen  Rehbein Kathleen Rehbein Associate Professor of Management (414) 288-1446
Lora  Reinholz Lora Reinholz Instructor of Practice, Finance
Scott  Rex Scott Rex Adjunct Instructor of Marketing (414) 288-8071
Kevin  Rich Kevin Rich Chair, Department of Accounting (414) 288-7708
Karen  Rinehart Karen Rinehart Business Career Center Director (414) 288-4183
Melanie  Roepke Melanie Roepke Office Associate, Supply Chain & Real Estate (414) 288-7940
Kristie  Rogers Kristie Rogers Associate Professor of Management (414) 288-5669
Kambiz  Saffarizadeh Kambiz Saffarizadeh Assistant Professor of Management (414) 288-7340
David  Schlichting David Schlichting Visiting Assistant Professor of Accounting (414) 288-1420
Ethan  Schmick Ethan Schmick Assistant Professor of Economics (414) 288-3545
Mary  Serrano Mary Serrano Office Associate, Management & Finance (414) 288-7146
David  Shrock David Shrock Dean Emeritus (414) 288-7393
Jeanne  Simmons Jeanne Simmons Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Management (414) 288-7145
Douglas O. Smith Douglas O. Smith Director, International Business Studies Program (414) 288-6486
Andrew  Smyth Andrew Smyth Assistant Professor of Economics (414) 288-8043
Brian  Spaid Brian Spaid Associate Professor of Marketing (414) 288-3371
Bharatendu  Srivastava Bharatendu Srivastava Associate Professor of Management (414) 288-3408
Joseph "Drew"  Stathus Joseph "Drew" Stathus Academic Technology Specialist (414) 288-4176
Christopher  Swain Christopher Swain Instructor of Practice - Finance
Siddhartha  Syam Siddhartha Syam Professor of Management (414) 288-5462
Brian  Till Brian Till Professor of Marketing (414) 288-7523
Rich  Tobin Rich Tobin Instructor of Practice - Accounting (414) 288-5438
Peter  Toumanoff Peter Toumanoff Associate Professor Emeritus of Economics (414) 288-8050
James  Trebby James Trebby Associate Professor Emeritus of Accounting (414) 288-8050
Iva  Vurdelja Iva Vurdelja Instructor of Practice - Management (414) 288-7032
Kathryn  Wagner Kathryn Wagner Assistant Professor of Economics (414) 288-3409
Stacie  Waites Stacie Waites Assistant Professor of Marketing (414) 288-3109
Bill  Walker Bill Walker Adjunct Instructor, Applied Investment Management (414) 288-7032
Joseph  Wall Joseph Wall Associate Professor of Accounting (414) 288-7245
Kevin  Walsh Kevin Walsh Director of Executive Education (414) 288-6466
Bin  Wang Bin Wang Assistant Professor of Finance (414) 288-7188
Miao Grace  Wang Miao Grace Wang Professor of Economics (414) 288-7310
David  Wangrow David Wangrow Assistant Professor of Strategic Management (414) 288-1459
Jennica  Webster Jennica Webster Associate Professor of Management (414) 288-7339
Kelly  Wesolowski Kelly Wesolowski Associate Director, Center for Supply Chain Management (414) 288-7089
Meghann  Witthoft Meghann Witthoft Assistant to the Dean (414) 288-7745
Robert  Yahr Robert Yahr Associate Professor Emeritus of Accounting (414) 288-8050